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Jim Whiteley

CEO & Founder

Jim founded Vail in 1991 in an effort to make conversations better through technology. He uses his thirty-five years of computer, telecommunications, and service business start-up experience to drive Vail’s direction and innovation, and continues to love working with people who can teach him something. Jim has seen Vail’s technology move through different phases, from a physical "box" to the telephone line, and most recently to the cloud.

Jim is also the founder of one of Vail’s sister company Versay® Solutions, a voice application development and consulting firm. Prior to Vail, he founded Direct Marketing Technology, Dytel Corporation, a pioneer in premise-based call processing systems, Verascape, a provider of highly-scalable VoiceXML systems, and Webley Systems, a unified messaging services provider.

  • He was very successful as one of the top turkey catchers and loaders in all of Wayne County, Iowa.
  • Jim says the best thing about working at Vail is “I love working with people that are smarter than I am.”
  • Most influential people in tech: Elon Musk, Sir Jonathan Paul Ive, and Jeff Bezos

Todd Whiteley

Vice President of Product Development

Todd Whiteley joined Vail in 1996 and currently serves as Vice President of Product Development. In this role, Todd is responsible for developing and executing the go-to-market strategy for Vail's core enhanced telephony products and services. His purview includes the voice application hosting platform, the Enhanced Network Services, Network IVR, and Voice Security services that run on it, and the Customer Experience Analytics that provide actionable context for our customers.

Todd focuses on routinely exceeding our customer’s/partner’s expectations and building lasting relationships. The Vail teams he works with to create customer solutions have the rare combination of the ability to deliver and operate complex technology solutions coupled with a deep focus on supporting our customer’s/partner’s ongoing success.

Todd holds a Finance degree from the University of Illinois.

  • With a young son, Todd spends a surprising amount of time at youth soccer/basketball/baseball games and has become more proficient at miniature golf than he would have ever dared to dream.
  • Most influential person in tech: Ever evolving. At the rate that technology is advancing, my answer will change and change again in the near future.

David Fruin

Vice President of Product Engineering

David has been with Vail since 1995. As Vice President of Product Engineering, David manages all platform and application technology development for our innovative and evolving suite of products and services, and is responsible for the Product Engineering team. In the early 2000s, David oversaw the transition of Vail’s platform from a Dialogic-based TDM system to an internally developed SIP based platform. This required new architecture to take advantage of the highly scalable nature of SIP. David is now overseeing the platform transition from scripted based platform component deployment to Docker and Kubernetes based deployments.

David has over twenty-four years of computer telephony experience. Prior to Vail, he worked with Northrop, Motorola and Dytel. David holds undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Illinois.

  • David has climbed to the top of Mt. Rainier
  • Best advice I’ve been given: “Do or do not, there is no try.”
  • Most influential person in tech: Elon Musk - my recent hero of the technology industry for his ability to take audacious yet practical ideas and make them very real.

Beth McGinnis

Vice President of Client Services

Beth has been with Vail since its founding in 1991, recently celebrating 25 years with the company. As Vice President of Client Services, Beth and her team have been responsible for providing the public face of support to Vail's enterprise customers and service providers. She started in the tech and telecommunications industries back when makers still used bulletin boards to exchange ideas, and is still passionate many years later about sustaining long term relationships with our clients.

Prior to her arrival at Vail in 1991, Beth was President of American Home Networks, Inc., an interactive online service competing with the likes of CompuServe and Vice President of Operations for Automation Design, Inc. Beth graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Industrial Psychology.

  • Beth plays as hard as she works and submerges herself fully in a subject or activity. Her adventure in scuba diving led to 200+ foot dives on WWII battleships, and creating fancy chocolates ended with learning sugar science and creating the world’s best peanut brittle.
  • Best advice I’ve been given: Read Sun Tzu.
  • Most influential person in tech: Vilfredo Pareto who came up with the 80/20 rule.

Andrew Hap

Vice President of Service Delivery

Andrew has worked at Vail since 2001. In his current role as the Vice President of Service Delivery, Andrew works to organize, initiate, and deliver Vail services to our customers. He continues to improve both internal and external communication channels, as well as expanding and standardizing the services we offer in an enduring mission to exceed our customers’ expectations.

During his time at Vail, Andrew has identified solutions for our partners’ voice routing needs, collaborated with the Engineering and Operations teams to enhance Vail’s SIP-based services, and managed the build-out and expansion of Vail’s Routing and Call Control (RACC) Platform. These efforts resulted in enhanced feature-functionality directly benefiting our customers’ experience with Vail’s products, and led to the creation of the Product Support department. Andrew holds a degree in Movement and Sport Science from Purdue University.

  • Andrew loves spending time outdoors, being around the water, and is an avid fisherman.
  • Best advice I’ve been given: “If you always give your best then you’ll never question yourself.”
  • Most influential person in tech: Jeff Bezos - He’s shown that he’s not afraid to fail or reinvest his company’s successes in the name of innovation and pushing technology forward. His company is customer-centric, shown by the enormous growth of Amazon users and subscribers.

Mike Bruening

Vice President of Operations

Mike has been with Vail since 2001. As VP of Operations, Mike oversees Vail Operations and Security, contributes to Vail SIP Platform engineering and is responsible for voice and data strategy and management. Through his experiences at Vail, he is able to see how employees are given the freedom to explore creative solutions to challenging problems, while giving them exposure to a wide range of technologies. Mike’s prior responsibilities at Vail include voice-and-data-networking architecture and high-availability system design.

  • Mike lived in Berlin, Germany for a time.
  • Outside of work, Mike enjoys rock climbing.
  • Most Influential Person In Tech: Elon Musk – he has the vision to help continue improving humanity’s future. Having a strong drive to carry out this vision, has given Elon the ability to take creative ideas and turn them into something real.

John Boyce

Vice President of Human Resources

John has worked with Vail’s leadership team since 2015 to align people strategies with business goals. Primarily an educator, John has been an adjunct faculty member at Northwestern University for 15 years, where he teaches classes on Teams and Organizational Behavior in the Masters of Product Design & Development Management program in the McCormick School of Engineering. Drawing from this passion, John understands the importance of continuous learning within organizations; because at the end of the day he believes that all business problems are really people problems.

Prior to Vail, John has worked for a number of technical companies, including ExxonMobil, Koch Industries, Exelon Nuclear, and Centro Media. John holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Education and Instructional Leadership from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  • John has always been a teacher at heart. He began his career as a grammar school teacher.
  • Best thing about working at Vail: “At Vail I am surrounded by intellectually curious people who are willing to share knowledge and by people who enjoy solving difficult problems.”
  • Most influential person in tech: Richard Feyman - a Noble Prize winning theoretical physicist who made significant contributions to computer science. He was a great teacher and always looked for ways to put theory into practice.

Bopsi Chandramouli

Senior Director of Data Science Technology & Solutions

Since joining Vail in 2003, Chandra has been responsible for the architecture and design of many key products and services, as well as the architecture of specific solutions for enterprise customers. Having the opportunity to work in an open environment that encourages employees to come up with innovative ideas, products and services fosters Chandra’s passion studying the confluence of Linguistics, Communications, Knowledge Representation and Computer Science.

Chandra has extensive experience in architecting and developing software based systems and has worked for a number of companies including AT&T Bell Labs, GE Medical Systems and Siemens Medical Systems. He holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering from the College of Engineering, Guindy in India and a graduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Alberta.

  • Chandra enjoys fundraising for philanthropic causes, learning about the various natural languages and composing, playing and listening to music.
  • Best advice I’ve been given: “Trust has two components. The trusted party has your best interest in mind and they have the ability to deliver.”
  • People I admire in tech: Alan Turing, Alonzo Church, and John von Neumann for laying the foundations of our profession, Niklaus Wirth and Edsger Dijkstra for casting software development as an engineering discipline, Steve Jobs for using technology to make people’s lives better, and Elon Musk for his breathtaking vision and execution.

Jake Schmitz

Director of Application Development

Jake has been with Vail for nine years, and currently serves as the Director of Application Development, building our team of Software Engineers to deliver great applications to our customers. Jake enjoys meeting challenges related to a substantially growing team, such as keeping our gifted developers engaged, and continuing to recruit top talent. He is passionate about continuously learning every day from his peers, whether it is about our technology, business, or life in general.

Jake started at Vail as a Software Engineer working on Vail’s RACC application, and has since moved into multiple managerial and team building roles. Before Vail, Jake also worked as an Enterprise Consultant with Technology Services Group and graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Computer Science.

  • I try to have fun everyday with most everything I do. Why not? I don’t have a magic bullet to make everything fun but I do try to get started on the right foot and make the most of anything that might head my way.
  • Most influential person in tech: Martin Fowler - the work he’s done and the thoughts he’s shared are some of the most applicable to what we do. The way he delivers content is fun and relevant and I like that we can practically apply what is being discussed.

Howard Shaw


Howard joined Vail in 2011 and is responsible for all accounting and financial reporting for Vail and its subsidiaries. He supports annual strategic plans and oversees company performance against these plans. Through his experience providing the team with financial insight and direction, he has observed that at Vail everyone has a voice and the ability to create change.

Prior to his arrival at Vail, Howard led the accounting and finance team at Federal Envelope. There, Howard streamlined and expedited the monthly close process and also worked with management to implement internal controls. Howard holds undergraduate degrees in Business Administration-Accounting and Spanish from University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a Certified Public Accountant.

  • Something important to me outside of work: My family – their happiness is my happiness.
  • Best advice I’ve been given: “Don’t sell yourself short.”
  • Most influential person in tech: Elon Musk - He sees solutions to problems that most people don’t realize exist, and the problems he looks to solve are meaningful to the sustenance and longevity of humanity.

Mariano Tan

President & CEO, Prosodica, L.L.C.

Mariano Tan is the President and CEO of Prosodica LLC, which applies voice analytics, predictive algorithms and game mechanics to create more engaging and authentic conversations that transform the way contact centers work. He brings more than twenty-five years of experience in the contact center industry as a management consultant and operations executive to this role. He is driven by a passion for making contact centers better places to work, knowing that engaged employees are the key to efficient operations and better customer experiences.

Prior to his work in the contact center industry, he was a scientific analyst and software engineer in the US Defense industry. He holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science from California State University.

  • Best thing about working at Vail: “Everyone is clearly here because they want to be. Talent isn’t anything without the right attitude.”
  • Most influential person in tech: Leonardo di Vinci for showing us that engineering and invention can also be philosophy and art.

Joseph Carey

President & CEO, Versay Solutions, L.L.C.

Joe has been President and CEO of Versay Solutions, LLC since 2006, where he leads a cross-functional team to design and build voice applications that are natural, personal, and, ultimately, the preferred way for people to communicate with businesses.

For more than twenty years, Joe has worked in the telecommunications industry in leadership roles spanning product development and marketing, professional services, and user interface design. Prior to Versay, he managed marketing communications and web applications at Vail.

Joe completed his B.A. in Economics at Vanderbilt University and M.A. in English at the University of Chicago, where he helped establish the inaugural program in cinema and media studies. His graduate work in visual culture and narrative film theory and criticism continues to influence his approach to graphical and conversational UX design today.

  • Among the many technology industry leaders whom I hold in esteem, Steve Jobs has most influenced my professional and avocational choices, both through his public discourse (e.g., positioning Apple at the intersection of technology and the humanities) and the products he helped bring to market that enabled new ways of thinking and creating.
  • Best thing about working at Vail: “Without question, the people. Even as the company enjoys continued growth, we have maintained a culture which welcomes folks with diverse perspectives and backgrounds and encourages everyone to share and iterate ideas.”
  • An avid photographer, examples of Joe’s photography can be found on Instagram @joecarey and at