Enhanced communications through advanced technology.
“I need to stay ahead of my customers' changing contact preferences.”

One platform for integrated
multi-channel communications

The Vail platform treats various interactions, spanning self-service, voice, SMS or even multi-party conferencing, as a single conversation.

Platform-based services provide an extensible and highly secure means to control and optimize channel usage.

“I’d like access to additional expertise and emerging technologies.”

Seamless enhancement of
telephony and other IT services

Vail's innovative platform pre-integrates with the cloud-based, carrier-grade enhanced network services, sophisticated automation solutions and leading-edge analytics services.

Cloud service integration provides scalability and resilience while enabling future growth through on-demand access to voice services that can be launched with minimal effort from scarce IT resources.

“I want to optimize the ROI from my technology investment.”

Value-based pricing for the most
attractive total-cost-of-ownership

Vail solutions are typically implemented without up-front capital costs using usage-based pricing that scales with the value of the solution.

Continual enhancement of platform services is built into the usage based pricing, protecting clients from large downstream capital outlays while cost-effectively providing access to continued innovation.

“I wish there was an easier way to enhance my customers' experiences.”

Powerful in-network analytics
improve insight and performance

The Vail platform delivers leading-edge voice and audio analysis technology evaluating the quality and character of voice interactions,
to provide new opportunities for improving customer experiences.

When conversations are both clear and balanced, the business maximizes its efficiency, effectiveness and ability to deliver differentiated customer service.

“I'm looking for a partner to address my toughest business challenges.”

The industry’s finest talent
focused on your project's success

Vail has built its team from the best and brightest talent in the industry, people that love to deliver innovative solutions for our client’s most complex competitive challenges.

Successful projects depend on the capabilities and commitment of individuals. We focus on our customers' needs using creativity to produce technology solutions at the lowest risk and cost. The success of this approach is validated by the longevity of our client partnerships.